Alyssa Ranger Assistant Manager

Mary Atkin

Co-Owner / Founder

Mary is one of the co-owners of Pier South. She is a diehard Packer fan and loves to cook. She has spent years working in the service industry and also went to Make-up Design school in New York. Her sense of style is impeccable and the idea for Pier South started with her.

Alyssa Ranger Assistant Manager

Nick Atkin


Nick is one of the co-owners of Pier South. He has a bachelors in Computer Information Systems from Edgewood College. Managing the point-of-sale system and developing the website for Pier South are some of his roles in the company. In his spare time you will find him playing guitar on his Gibson SG or watching football.

Alyssa Ranger Assistant Manager

Alyssa Ranger

Assitant Manager

Alyssa is one of the full-time managers at Pier South. She's best friends with Mary and they've been friends since high school. She is excellent at pulling items for all body types that you might not have been able to pick out yourself.


Welcome to the Scharpf-Atkin family. With over 100 years of combined professional experience, each individual of our team brings a unique set of skills to Pier South. We are a family owned and operated clothing retailer with a shared passion for mens and womens fashion. We aim to utilize that love to make your shopping experience amazing.

Scharpf Family

Meet the Scharpf Family. Father, Ben, hails from Oshkosh and mother, Barbara, from Green Bay. They are diehard Packers fans and you can oftentimes find them in the stands of Lambeau on Sundays. The Scharpf family's business acumen is what makes Pier South so great. A knack for customer service and the ability to make anyone comfortable in casual conversation are some of the key contributions to the company. 

Mary Atkin attended Middleton high school where she met her husband Nick Atkin for the first time. This is their endeavor.

Atkin Family

Meet the Atkin Family. Orginally from England the Atkin family moved to Madison in 1994. Nick was four years old at the time. Pictured above is the entire extended Atkin family. Nick's father Richard invested in the company and was one of the key reasons we were able to launch the store. Continued support from Nick's mother Teresa, brothers Will and James and sister Elizabeth have been instrumental in our journey. 

All four of the Atkin siblings attended Middleton high school and have been memebers of the community for over 20 years.